Deprecation of Classic View in Dynamics 365


In 2019 Microsoft announced the deprecation of Classic View in Dynamics 365. This is the beloved tile navigation that most Dynamics users are familiar with. The new alternative is referred to as Unified Interface (UI). It is an app driven model and substantial change form the navigation we have seen in the past.

What is it?

The Unified Interface uses responsive web design principles to provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience for any screen size, device, or orientation. It brings all the rich experiences to any client that you are using. Whether you are on a browser, tablet, or phone, you will be able to consume similar experiences.


Known Limitations

There are certain capabilities that continue to be unavailable in the Unified Interface and we are working to provide these in future releases:

·         Custom styling of advanced chart properties (excluding colors and basic formatting)

·         Composite address control

·         Composite fullname control

·         Global notifications

·         Admin experiences

·         Editable grids on phones

·         Learning Path


There are certain entities that are currently read-only on Unified Interface. Users will not be able to make changes to these entity records within an Unified Interface app. We are working to make them editable in future releases.


The following are entities that are currently read-only in Unified Interface:

·         KnowledgeArticleViews

·         KnowledgeBaseRecord

·         SharePointDocument

·         SharePointSite

·         SLA

·         SLAKPIInstance

·         Template

·         Contract

·         Contract Lines

·         Contract Templates

·         Case Resolution

·         Service





The Foundry Service Desk is offering guidance, design assistance, and testing to all our clients during this transition period. If you are not a current service desk client please contact for more information.